She hates water and being brushed. She is very loving, but extremely energetic. I am so sorry you had to put your dog down, it’s a tragedy. I have a 2 &1/2 year old border collie. Sa place est au garage ou au chenil. I have a year and a half female border collie. I never have these issues when she is off the lead, but you cant have dogs off the lead when walking them. I was the one who had to take her to the vet to have her euthanized and I am still sick to my stomach over it, but I would not give her to another person and put them at risk and I don’t think it is humane to keep a dog isolated. They mostly want to run free from what I’ve noticed from our BC. Thanks very much for posting your story. Souvent, les mères Border Collie transmettent leur crainte des humains à leur chiots. What you did, to take her in to be put down yourself, in a humane manner, is the only decent thing you could have done in this situation. Dear Claire, He has bit a girl, a long time ago on her anckle when she went to leave. Dog trainer Cesar Millan believes lack of exercise is the root cause of most aggression problems. Toutefois, le Border Collie peut se montrer réservé, mais jamais agressif, avec les étrangers. She was born from dogs working cattle so she is no show dog but exceptionally muscular naturally and has more energy than most BC. At 13, he does not have that much longer. So if you have to put your familys safety before your dog, than thats a choice you simply have to make. Conseil n°3: Lors des séances de travail, soyez sûr de vous, détendu et dans une optique de travail.Il est important de voir cela comme une mission à remplir, avec différentes étapes à franchir avant d’y parvenir. Aujourd’hui elle a 4 ans et nous ne lui faisons toujours pas confiance quand il s’agit de croiser des inconnus en particulier sur chemin étroit. She hates being touched when woken up, but she’s fine you just say her name. A prong collar, PLUS a backup collar, is a good idea. From my reading, this is an issue with some border collies and aussies — something about their breed, the instinct to bite and nip the sheep or goats they herd. she was extremely difficult to socialize as a puppy. I have a border collie blue merle,beautiful looking male but temperment not so good.I wish I could rehome him.he jugs 13yrs old.he really won’t left anyone go near him to brush him he shows this teeth and barks aggressively.what do I do.anyone have any advice.PLEASE. It has gotten so bad we’ve been to the vet a couple times due to bites so bad they’ve gotten infected. J’ajoute que si votre chien vient d’une ferme, il n’aura vu ni grand chose, ni grand monde dans sa vie et sa mère non plus. We’ve had her since a pup and shes never been mistreated. This won’t help solve aggression and in many instances, it will anger your dog even more. In the last month though, he has become quite aggressive towards people that he has known since I got him. He is otherwise very cuddly and loves my massages he gets given by me, with all your knowledge of various dogs are you able to offer any help on my situation. We did obedience and sheep herding. Mais j'ai un soucis : il se montre agressif envers les personnes etrangères. Hi! Aggression is not a common trait in Border Collies in general, but it can happen. Saisissez votre adresse e-mail pour vous abonner à ce blog et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par e-mail. He broke her skin and it did get infected. Fortunately, his Dad knows that I am trying to deal with the problem and is letting it go. Find the perfect Border Collie puppy for sale in Florida, FL at I treat her her as such. Keep her on a lead when people cone over if she goes to bite lead her away and lock her in the bathroom or another room away from you. She’s not usually as aggressive with me seeing as I spend a lot of time with her excercising, but this was really rough. Always have a regular collar, or ordinary choke chain as well (or the Martingale type). We brought the behaviourist to our home for an hour visit, basically for reinforcement. Outside , she was aggressive towards other kids, and other people approaching, a group of teens tobogganing nearby, loud barking and aggression. hi i have a border collie and he has always niped but never me or my husband the only one is my 4 year old but not enogh to leave any marks he is very well behaved the only things is cars bikes or and thing with wheels or strangers he will nip or lung at them i dont really know wat to do but i want to get it sorted befor he gets older if and one can help ??? After 4 months work I am seeing improvement, but it may be another year before he is ready to be around the general public. What a heartbreaking thing. Les multi promenades sont donc indispensables à son bien-être, tout comme l’entraînement à la marche en laisse, à la course ou au rassemblement de troupeaux. You can keep him safe from harm and yourself safe from his biting or nipping, by controlling him. I don’t know if the city life is best for them. Jumping isn’t as serious as growling or biting but it still shouldn’t be tolerated. Il y a quatre ans je souhaitais adopter un chien de taille moyenne avec un comportement dynamique et obéissant. But I still wonder if I could have done something wrong, and what it was. For example, they all start with chasing, then nipping, then growling and then develop biting habit. I know this is tough, but he is 13 — that’s like 90 in human years. L'instinct de soumission du Border Collie en fait un animal complice avec son maître, docile et facile à dresser. We have our own routine when introducing her to someone new in our house. I studied dog behavior and watched documentaries on wolves, so I was not ignorant and I understood that she was a dog and that I needed to treat her like a dog. Nous pouvons maintenant la sortir en ville (sans muselière) en étant prudent bien sûr. I have a 9 month old border who is deaf in one ear and she just started snapping at strangers. Donc, quand il est petit, si vous ne lui faites tout de suite comprendre que la famille n’est pas son troupeau, il mordra les pieds, déchirera les chaussettes et les manches des pulls, essayera de vous empêcher de bouger, attaquera les vélos et skate board. Elle ronfle toujours sur nos visiteurs (dans la maison uniquement, dehors elle s’en fiche) et même des proches (mais qui ont peur d’elle). Il est trèsfacile de le dresser, c'est aussi un chien très attachant, mais il peut se montrer dominant. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. I can also tell you most dogs do not like having matted fur or whatever else cut off from them and will let you know in no uncertain way as does my dog.. Then she goes nuts. Today she snapped at my 23year old nephew. Hello, I have a 4 mo. C'est pourquoi il excelle dans les concours d'obéissance et d'agilité. When does your Collie act aggressive? She had never bitten me, but I did notice that she was no longer listening to my commands and I would have to go get her and make her obey me. We stressed she could not be around kids. however she hates outsiders. If nothing else, and you must put him down, go to the vet and ask for help in doing this in kindly and humane manner. Borders aren’t ‘aggressive dogs’ and they are not guard dogs or bred to fight. Je n’ai pas fait de recherche réellement sérieuse sur ce chien de caractère et sur comment accueillir ce type de chien en famille. Earlier in the day, she nipped at my 21 yr old daughter’s nose, but no bite mark. She seems to be stalking the lab everyone she moves. Today my mother in law dropped my 2 year old home, and she went for my mother in law. Ce n’est pas une peluche. the BC gets upset afterwards and trembles.). Recently she has started nipping people. She was wearing the small nose breathing ‘bandaid’ across her nose, which I think saved a serious bite. How do I stop my dog from nipping? There are several causes for aggressive behavior. We are dedicated to try everything to fix him before having to put him down so we just sent him off to board and train for a week where they will work on his anxiety. Ici vous découvrirez mon jardin et mes inspirations déco. There is always that fear in the first few weeks that they will have be put down. I cant call a local dog trainer because I’m absolutely broke. Through the years, I had a border collie and also many other breeds of dogs, gone through all the training classes, etc. We got our border collie from a friends who could not keep her. on walks she lunges at cars, birds, low flying airplanes. She is getting more aggressive in the last few months and today I had a heck of a time pulling her off of the younger dog. But he was younger and I had hoped puberty would make her less aggressive towards him. Please if anyone has suggestions on how to deal with this. My stepson has to have facial surgery, but is still more upset for the dog than himself. Best of luck and with time and patience I hope all works out for you. Filter. C9500 de chez Kuving’s: la Rolls des extracteurs de jus. On ne caresse pas le chien sans raison. Elle était devenu agressive vers 4 mois et les séances de dressage au club canin du coin semblait avoir agravé les choses. Le Border Collie est sensible Pour contrôler efficacement un chien avec tant d'allant même à grandes distances, le chien doit être très sensible et attentif à son conducteur. I just dont know what to do. If you feel in danger or are fearful that your dog might bite someone, please don’t hesitate to call your local dog trainer. Sans jamais perdre la concentration - jamais vraiment détourner le regard, sur un autre coup de sifflet, il continue à ramper en avant de nouveau. Your collie is also finding her place in the “new pack” . I have a 3 year old Border Collie, and she is my first BC. After several minutes try again. We have a second dog that is just over a year old. He has always been best of friends with my stepson and this was totally unprovoked. Mais avant cela, il doit avoir bien compris sa place tout en bas de la hiérarchie de la famille. It’s very rare for these dogs to get aggressive without showing early warning signs beforehand. If you suspect that your Collie might be showing early aggressions signs, act immediately. She was a very lovable and affectionate dog and we all adored her. Border collie n'est jamais agressif, équilibré, sait analyser de nombreuses situations. Please try to keep this old fellow around; he would suffer terribly in a shelter and probably end up being put down. Si vous n’avez pas de garage, il y a des grandes caisses à barreaux dans laquelle le chien se sentira chez lui. Dans l'idéal, le Border Collie n'est jamais agressif. Crédits: Pixabay / 825545 5. . do anti-anxiety meds help!? Yes, more. Le dressage du Border Collie est plutôt facile, notamment car il s’agit d’un chien très docile qui répond immédiatement aux ordres données.Il a besoin de se défouler pour être à l’écoute.Si son éducation tarde, il peut devenir agressif.Il faut donc le dresser relativement tôt. La caresse doit être une récompense. We went so far as to call a dog behaviourist, and long story short, she said this was not natural, and take the dog back. Le Border se distingue par son expression éveillée. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Cliquez pour partager sur Twitter(ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), Cliquez pour partager sur Facebook(ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre). My oldest son has been staying with us and he has been around dogs all his life..the dog walked p and sniffed him..then immediately started to bite him. My dog wakes sometimes as if he was in a deep sleep and looks up as if to say where am I. It,s so funny. Nous avons donc dû faire face à des déconvenues sérieuses au point de demander de l’aide à une comportementaliste car c’était tellement difficile et que je souhaitais me débarrasser du chien que je pensais complètement dingue! Border collie est peu agressif. Il est sélectionné pour garder et contrôler les troupeaux de moutons ou de bœufs, pour les faire avancer par exemple jusqu’à l’étable ou au champ, pour ramener au troupeau une brebis égarée. Je peux même lui enlever des tiques sans lui mettre de muselière (enfin…pas toujours). Border Collie puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Florida, FL. I feel so sorry for you and your family, you obviously loved her deeply to have tried for this long. Quand il etait petit, il jouait avec d’autres chiens et il avait aucun soucis de comportement vis à vis de ses copains à 4 pates. He has always been somewhat aggressive towards strangers most of his life. The Border Collie came to the United States in the early 1900s and was instantly a hit, especially among shepherds and farmers. They are pack animals and should not be away from the family or other animals. she hides out behind the couch and will race out to try biting the back of their legs. border collies do not generaly make good family pets, they need to work and have things to do, they get bored very easy. She has always been excited to see other people, doesnt jump, but because they aren’t stopping to say hello to her she is now barking and pulling on the lead in an agressive manner more than excitement. Nous jouons régulièrement à la bagarre pour qu’elle maîtrise bien ses machoires et développe sa confiance envers ses maîtres. Le Border Collie est un chien de troupeau. Before you do anything, there are a couple of things which you should NEVER do to an aggressive dog. Très vif et très rapide, il déploie une grande énergie et possède un instinct de rassembleur. She is apparently one of only seven such behaviourists in Canada, and we appreciated her honesty, as we could have ended up paying a lot of money trying to correct this with her. The only bad things we can say about him is he not good around kids (we did not know any children when he was a puppy to socialise him with) and did nip at my niece once when she was patting him even though just a few minutes earlier he was loving being patted. Don’t wait until your dog bites someone before you do anything. My vet had told me that they know within millimeters of where they are biting. Ce travailleur intelligent, docile, assez craintif et très tenace possède des particularités très spécifiques de rassembleur dû à ses antécédents de gardien de troupeaux. My parents are saying they’re going to get rid of her if I can’t get her to stop being so aggressive, but I’m not entirely sure what to do anymore. She is nervous around heavy car/truck noises. I am not sure what I could have done differently and every day I wish she were still with us, but I could not risk another attack like that. En récompense, caressez le cou et les épaules. Maintenant, les moutons commencent à courir et le Border Collie l… I have had two rough haired collies and my last dog was a border collie and my dog now is a border collie who is 3. I could use some tips if any of you have any. Il convient de socialiser le Border Collie dès son jeune âge. When dealing with an aggressive Border Collie remember that unlike other behavior problems this one can have serious consequences. Anyway, good luck….you really might consider getting an expert on dog behavior. We are praying we don’t have to do the same. I have never let one of my pets go and am not sure what to do for her. I have a border collie also. I’ve had the eldest for almost 4 years and the youngest for 4 months. Voici quelques règles face à un border collie agressif: Le chien ne vient pas dans la maison. Si son énergie est mal canalisée, il pourra alors devenir agressif, d’où la nécessitée de le dresser assez tôt. should’nt have a dog cause he looks pretty. J’ai fait appel à la comportementaliste alors que la chienne devait avoir vers 7 mois. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. Aggression is not a joking matter, especially with the larger dog breeds. It seems the BC gets the worst of it but she had gotten the lab good a couple times. Generally a Border Collie doesn’t get aggressive without showing early signs of aggression beforehand. He came to us at 8 weeks so my BC has known him and been around him all this time. Don’t use just the prong collar, they can fall apart at unpredictable times. And Claire is correct; you cannot rehome a biting dog and no shelter will take them on, not after a bite of that serious a nature. The way you approach the situation greatly depends on the original cause. I brought her home at about 6 months old (her first family did not have her trained except to come when called) I love her dearly but fear it may come down to finding her a new home. Bonjour, j’ai un border collie de 5 ans qui est super agressif avec les autres chiens. Les Border Collie sont très impressionnables, ils réagissent avec délicatesse aux moindres signes de leurs propriétaires Et de ces pauvres chats, poules, oies, et mêmes équidés … I am wondering if I need to find a rescue for her. This dog was picked up by animal control so we do not know his history. Le poids de la femelle Border Collie se situe entre 17 et 29 kilos et sa taille entre 47 et 53 centimètres. Je le proméne en laisse lorsqu'il y a du monde: il devient " fou", tire sur sa laisse, pleure et dès que quelqu'un s'approche de moi ou des personnes m'accompagnant il n'hésite pas à montrer les dents, avec la queue entre les pattes. Très dévoué à son maître, réceptif à l'éducation car attenfif et intelligent, il est . It is so sad that these dogs have to deal with these demons! A hyped-up border collie with energy to burn is more likely to become edgy than a tired out dog. He lives with the elder dog and I, but nobody else, so I’m unsure whether he has started to become protective over me recently, but I don’t understand why. Also when dogs first awake, like children, they need to take time to “come around” first . I would love to chat with someone going through the same thing as us. Le Border Collie est un chien très énergique, parfois dominant mais jamais agressif. And the last bite was to my husband and it was very serious. she spends a lot of her time to herself behind the couch, i think they should block off access so she’s forced to be out and social but my parents are at odds about takin away her safe place. Over the next couple of days, we kept her on a leash at all times. When she nips I grab her nose and say no. She almost took out his eye and she took the tip of his nose off. My vet and I talked about medicating her for her anxiety but I’m not really sure what to do for her. I am quite confident she wouldnt hurt my daughter, theyre best mates. Let me know if you want to talk privately. And I cannot understand what behavior he did that she was correcting, since he was laying on the floor petting her and she was completely affectionate and and content…laying on her side and wagging her tail…and then just whirling around and biting him. my parents have a 5-year-old BC who’s extremely loving to members of our family. Last night my teenager jumped up off the sofa and the dog gt excited and jumped up and nipped him on the ankle. Il est volontaire et intelligent, ce qui joue en sa faveur. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Aggressive Border Collie Towards Strangers My Border Collie is 6 years old male. She actually drew blood. My thoughts are with you. Le Border Collie, mignon toutou noir et blanc, particulièrement à la mode, semblait correspondre à mes vœux. Your dog can sense when a person is unsure and nervous and will be less likely to listen to you if you show those emotions. I have two ‘Rescue’ Border Collies – one 10 year old and one two year old. He is a good dog to the family other than that and a sook. My 7 and a half year old Border Collie has always been quite nervous from around 12 months old. I’ve had to put down animals down, cats and dogs. Et cela dès les premiers jours. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas , quand le chien aura plus d’un an ou peut être deux, vous pourrez lui faire des papouilles et jouer à des jeux de bagarre. At first we thought it was the hear being summer and all, but now were not sure. Le thème a l’air vraiment important pour certains. Nous avons été voir un comportementaliste. its not there fault they lash out. I have a 6 year old Border Collie. Now we have to crate the dog when my son comes upstairs. She is part of our family. I hope your Husband is healing well, and things are much better for you! The breed has lots of energy and needs to be exercised for at least a couple hours each day. He is great on and off the lead, although this did take us a lot of training with a military dog instructor. Mais si un inconnu arrive ou un enfant, alors elle reprend ses comportements de chien dominant et dangereux (ou du moins qui font peur aux gens). Ce chien est un grand demandeur de l'activité. A Collie will usually jump as a sign of dominance. Le Border Collie est un chien ayant besoin de grands espaces et d’énormément d’exercices physiques. We love her dearly but she doesn’t mind very well. It is so damn hard. I started researching border collies and aggression, and read several websites, with your posting hitting home. The causes and reasons behind the dog growling, barking or even biting can vary depending on the situation. Bonjour, j'ai un jeune border collie de 6 mois. Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Border Collie to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. Dans cette vidéo partez à la découverte du chien de race Border Collie ! you seem to be the only one in this thread who’s had any success…. Whenever you feel things are getting out of hand, stop what you’re doing and leave the room. Nobody will adopt an elderly dog, and worse, he has behavior issues. So the chances are that the average Border Collie will not show any real signs of hostility or violence. My border collie is 5 years old or so, and we just got her from a relative of mine because he didn’t want her anymore. I have a 13 month old BC since she was 8 weeks old. My dog has know her all her life, and has stayed with her on numours occassions. We had nipping incidents on day two, our 6 yr old with a bite mark on her nose (just missed breaking the skin) and scrape beside the eye, completely unprovoked. God bless! If somebody is stroking him, he will (quite regularly now) bare his teeth and tonight actually bit a young boy that was stroking him. I have a eight year old boarder Collie that is a big sook. Don’t let the behavior go unchecked because it will only get worse unless you do something about it. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Border Collie Advice © 2014 All Rights Reserved, The Top 5 Tips For an Absolute Obedient Border Collie, Growling or showing of teeth when you push them off furniture. More traits and characteristics of the Border Collie. We just sent our BC off to boot camp and hope they can “fix” him. Look for these signs to warn you before your dog becomes aggressive: To learn how to deal with a dominant or disobedient Border Collie, I highly suggest you check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. I want to take her to a dog park where it is legal to run free and socialise, but am obviously worried. Can anyone tell me at what age they calm down? Nous avons également constaté un changement à partir de l’âge de un an et ses premières chaleurs. I feel for every one faced with this. Taille et le poids du Border Collie. Il n’est ni craintif, ni agressif. Cova is a very handsome approx 1 year old 55 lb brindle bundle of joy. Now we’ve had the BC for 2 years and recently the last 2 months the lab and BC have been fighting a couple times a day. Tout ce que je sais , c’est que lorsqu’on a un chien agressif, il faut appliquer strictement toutes les règles que l’on peut lire sur les chiens dominants. As I stated above, try getting a MUZZLE and a CRATE. I wd be very grateful for any advice. Elle est maintenant plutôt douce et a trouvé sa place dans la famille. Lors de nos promenades le caniche devient très agressif , il mord mon border au cou aux pattes, il lui fait très maintenant il le fait a une petite shitzu de 1ans .il est tellement rapide qu ont ne peux l attraper. She is mainly an outside dog but I bring her inside when the temps hit below 38. but never have I had a dog this aggressive. Aggressive Border Collie puppy. Over the last 8 years she had seriously bitten my son twice, requiring an emergency room visit with stitches. Sur un coup de sifflet, il sécarte et gère un large arc de cercle avant de se coucher sur un second coup de sifflet. Camassia Leichtlinii et Camassia Quamash: jacinthes d’Amérique du nord. If your Collie does have a habit of jumping aggressively, then again, you need to take steps to control it. Je ne sais pas si le concept de chien dominant existe. Thankfully, she is very non-aggressive!