The 10- and 11-speed M5100 and M4100 groupsets have also been launched. For those unaware, Shimano 12-speed has slightly different chain sizing guidelines than other drivetrains. It’s finally here! Jakarta Pusat D2 Shop (1) Tambah ke Wishlist. While the Deore groupset retains some core technologies, such as Hyperglide+, the Micro Spline Freehub, and Shimano’s Dynamic Chain Engagement+, it offers a more value-forward approach. Shimano has just launched a completely-redesigned Deore mountain bike group that incorporates trickle-down tech from the brand's premier lines. $108.99. Installing the brakes only required a top bleed after cutting the hoses to length and the bedding in process of the pads went smoothly. Overall, we’ve been very impressed by the entry level Deore 12-speed group, so far. TJ was a full time bike mechanic for many years but left the shop just after the new Shimano 12-speed drivetrains came out, so he wasn’t familiar with their new sizing procedure. The Shimano Deore 12-speed group is a no-nonsense, budget groupset that combines Shimano’s legendary shifting performance at a cost that won’t break the bank. New SHIMANO DEORE brings even more adventure to your outdoor lifestyle with a wider range of gear choices for the steep stuff, the fast stuff and the fun. Ours tipped the scales at 595 grams, about 60 grams heavier than SLX and 125 grams heavier than XT. Dans Bike Blog probably has the most clear visual diagrams. Shimano Deore CN-M6100 chain. Everything worked well with nice, clean, defined shifts and plenty of power from the brakes once they were properly bedded. is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. SRAM Unisex's Nx Eagle Groupset (Rear Der, Trigger Shifter W Clamp, Crankset Dub W D… After only a month on the bike, all the blingy XT and XTR parts were taken off. This spring, after building our personal Vital staff shred-sled, complete with a Shimano XT/XTR group, Shimano announced its new budget-friendly Deore 12-speed group. Buy It Now. For the first time ever, Deore-level brakes see a 4-piston variation to make a well-performing MTB brake at a reasonable price point. SLX is a smooth shifting, long-lasting option packed with Shimano’s high-tech features, including their Shadow+ rear derailleur, Ice Technology disc brakes, and the RapidFire plus shifter. With its BEAM SPIDER construction, the new SHIMANO DEORE M6100 12-speed cassette shaves weight while increasing SHIMANO's MTB gearing range another gear. It’s not going to be the lightest or have the minimal lines of XTR, but it will get you from point A to point B and back without a fuss. Climb steeper trails and fly down descents with improved stability and predictable control.Ride your way with SHIMANO DEORE. Perhaps the only thing buyers will be missing over more expensive drivetrains is weight savings, but overall riders will be hard pressed to find a better value in mountain biking today. However, we were kind of surprised to see how nice it looked. New (Other) $116.00. Shimano 105 R7020 Group Set ₱ 32,000.00 Philippine . $3.99. Philippine . 2. It’s also worth noting that adjusting the lever reach will require an Allen key, unlike the higher-end groups that have a plastic thumbwheel. Similar to the SLX cassette, it has a cog combination of 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51T. Brand New. The groupset just plain works. $878.99 to $898.99. New SHIMANO DEORE brings even more adventure to your outdoor lifestyle with a wider range of gear choices for the steep stuff, the fast stuff and the fun.Heighten your mountain biking confidence and control with smooth riding, improved chain stability, and sharp shifting on the trail.Climb steeper trails and fly down descents with improved stability and predictable … Like other Shimano 12-speed chains, it has Hyperglide+ Shift Technology, Extended Inner Link Plate, and includes a quick link. Shimano Deore XT RD-M8000 Rear Derailleur (Black) (11 Speed) (Shadow Plus) Not yet reviewed. We’ll be sure to get actual weights and confirm soon. Announced earlier this month, the new Shimano Deore 12-speed group brings the massive 510% 1x gear range of XTR/XT/SLX to a more affordable package. We’ll be sure to update this post once the Monkey gets a few trips under its belt and we recheck the Deore group with a proper tuneup. Shimano Steps E-bike drivetrains - … More here. Superior braking. As expected, the drivetrain costs significantly less than both XT and SLX 12-speed groups, which retail for $622.93 and $409.93, respectively. The new M6100 series includes a complete Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain (new cranksets, chain, cassette, derailleur, and shifter), as well as a dropper lever, brakes, and hubs. DEORE. Scuffs and scratches, photos show everything well. Together, these two make for a super solid build. You can still upshift with either your index finger or thumb, but Shimano left out its Multi Release technology, which allows two up shifts with one push of the paddle and found on higher end groups. The higher end the group set is, the better quality materials it will be made out of, leading to increased durability and smoother and more precise shifting. COMPONENT Buy It Now. SHIMANO DEORE XT is the original mountain bike groupset trusted by generations of mountain bikers around the world. To calculate the chain length for the Karate Monkey hardtail, we wrapped the chain all the way around 32T chainring and 51T cog, figured out where the closest link met, then added four links total plus the quick link. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - At 1243g for the rear and 990g grams for the front, this is definitely not a lightweight wheelset. Shimano Deore M4100 Groupset 10 speed group set big casstte 46T/50T/52T - M6000. Here’s how it’s done…. Learn More, We have ~100 routes on our worldwide bikepacking routes map. > Shimano did a great job of bringing their 1×12 technology to a more budget-conscious crowd. Almost like clockwork, Shimano has released a new 12-speed drivetrain every May since the original 10-51t Shimano XTR launch in 2018. ensures an efficient transmission of pedal force. It appears the Deore 12-speed group is no different. We had a chance to weigh the complete Deore group and install it on a new Surly Karate Monkey to see how it all works together. PRODUCT It’s fair to say that the Deore lever may require slightly more operation force than the SLX lever, and noticeably more than the XT shifter, but it still feels pretty good. We mounted the Boost/148mm (FC-M6120-1) with 170mm arms and a 32T ring. Free shipping. Shimano ships the wheels with tubeless valves and tape pre-installed. > The MT620 wheelset is a trail-oriented wheelset. Replacement chainrings will only be available for purchase with the full direct mount spider. Plus it’s a Surly—in the event of an[other] apocalypse, there will be cockroaches and Surlys! Using SHIMANO's new MICRO SPLINE freehub body and HYPERGLIDE+ tooth profile, the 10-51T cassette delivers advanced shifting performance. In addition, the SIL-TEC coated inner plates increase the durability noticeably. Free shipping. Shimano 2000 Deore LX Component Group user reviews : 3.6 out of 5 - 28 reviews. Likewise, the Karate Monkey is Surly’s no-nonsense steel hardtail that will take you anywhere, last forever, and also won’t break the bank. Having the ability to own a 1×12 with a 510% gear range, 4-piston brakes, and nice cranks without selling a kidney is a huge plus. View Details. Installing the I-SPEC EV shifter to the brake lever mount gave the bars a nice clean look, but Shimano also sells the shifter with a standard 22.2 mount if you run other brands’ brakes. The Shimano Deore FC-M5100-1 crank is designed for 1x11- as well as for 1x10-speed drivetrains and features a 2-piece construction keeping the weight low. Shimano has done a great job trickling down the technology from its more expensive XT/XTR line with Deore. Groupset Shimano Ultegra Di2 8070 RD-GS 2-Rotor Grupset. Whatever the trail, whatever you ride, XT is your solution for mountain biking today. In addition to this, Shimano also offers an M5100 Deore, which features an 11-speed drivetrain as well as M4100, which uses a 10-speed drivetrain and cuts the cost by an additional 40 percent. … Total build price (more details below): $2,127.87. In fact, we’ve built several bikepacking rigs around such components for that very reason. The biggest difference between the Deore crankset and the SLX/XT is that unlike the SLX/XT cranks, which use hollow crank arms, the Deore cranks use solid forged arms. It was Shimano's first mountain bike groupset, based on their existing Deore touring groupset, and it consisted of a triple-, double- or single chainring crankset, front and rear derailleurs, handlebar-mounted "finger" shifters, cantilever brakes, and large-flange hubs. Shimano has gone 12-speed with its Deore M6100 groupset and it features almost all of the tech seen at an XTR level. New 2020 Shimano Deore XT M8100 Group Groupset 1x12-speed 30t 32t 34t 170 175mm. A 4-arm chainring with 96 mm B.C.D. A single new Deore lever (BL-M6100) is used for both calipers, which has a wider, more durable clamp, a new lever axle position, and refined ergonomics. Shimano Deore M6000 Rear Trigger Shifter (Black) (10-Speed) (Right Only) Expected Thu, Jul 22, 2021 Not yet reviewed. Shimano Ultegra 6700 2 x 10 Speed Road Bike Groupset. Based on performance and durability I can confidently recommend the new Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain without reservation. The Shimano Deore 12-speed group is a no-nonsense, budget groupset that combines Shimano’s legendary shifting performance at a cost that won’t break the bank. Rear derailleur tuning was very easy and the shifting was crisp and defined. Reliable shifting. Click the link below to find out how to start. Typically, a budget complete build is loaded with cheaper, OEM parts, such as headsets, cranks, and cockpit parts. Rp37.500.000. As for the wheels, installing Teravail’s 2.6” Honcho and 2.5” Ehline was a pretty straightforward affair and they set up tubeless without the need for a compressor or a fancy tubeless pump. Shimano Deore M4100 M5100 10S Group 2X10S Sl-M4100 Sl-M5100 Shift Lever 10V Rd-M4120 Fd-M4100-M Hg54 ₱ 24,061.00. In the past, SLX and Deore usually meant slightly heavier materials, or more material, used throughout the components, which isn’t necessarily bad when it comes to durability. The cranks are heavy on the scales and you’ll need fast fingers to keep up with rapid accelerations but otherwise, Shimano’s Deore is an absolutely outstanding groupset. 4+ watchers. A relatively recent addition to the Shimano groupset family, SLX is a highly versatile component group which you can tailor to your own riding preferences. JPH0193. JGbike Compatible MTB groupset for Shimano M8000 M7000 M5100 11 Speed shifters & Rea… Plus, it’s $8.00 cheaper. The Deore 12-speed group offers a good value for an aftermarket 1×12 drivetrain. Buy It Now. Originally published in The Bikepacking Journal 03, Ditibised is Alexandera Houchin’s extraordinary story of training for the Tour Divide, framed in four seasons…. That said, the spokes are a heavy gauge, so only time will tell. On went Deore, an entire group (including brakes) that cost as much as the XTR cassette and derailleur. Free shipping. Installing this group was a relatively straightforward process, except for the chain. We believe travel by bicycle has the power to encourage conservation, inclusivity, and respect for all people and cultures. $239.99. Deore XT is a mountain and touring bike groupset first introduced by Shimano in 1983. Free returns. The main difference between it and the SLX lever is that it doesn’t have the tool-free lever position adjustment knob. It still features a Shadow RD+ clutch mechanism for increased chain retention and shifting accuracy, and the rear pulley cage has the same new bumper as its more expensive siblings. It has slightly more steel and metal throughout, and seems pretty burly… in a good way. The Shimano Deore CN-M6100 chain provides fast, precise and smooth shifting in both directions even under highest loads thanks to its precisely formed contact surfaces to Dynamic Chain Engagement+ chainring and Hyperglide+ cassette teeth. The wheelset comes with a 30mm wide (inner width) aluminum rim laced to a Shimano Centerlock microspine hub with 24 double butted J-bend spokes holding it all together. $654.99. Add to Cart. Free shipping. With Deore, mountain bikers can make the jump a dedicated 1x12 drivetrain with the same range as XTR, XT and SLX for less than $300. $300.00. > 101 watching. Shimano Deore FC-M5100-1 crankset. We were happy to get our hands on the full Deore group to weigh, install on a new Surly Karate Monkey, and put together some first impressions on the drivetrain and brakes. Brand New. Both the 4 and 2-piston callipers see a complete redesign with ICE-Tech brake pad compatibility, and inboard hose routing for a cleaner setup. Heighten your mountain biking confidence and control with smooth riding, improved chain stability, and sharp shifting on the trail. Pre-Owned. 24 sold. The lever is also I-SPECEV compatible. The Deore drivetrain (shifter, cassette, crankset, chain, and derailleur) weighs about 320 grams over the claimed weight of the SLX system and 421 grams more than XT’s claimed weight. XT is the high performance workhorse you can count on. $654.99. The wheelset is available in 27.5 or 29 with options of 15×100/15×110 front spacing or 12×142/12×148 rear spacing and is only compatible with Centerlock rotors. Shimano have groupsets for pretty much every cycling discipline you can think of including : 1. We got the metal pads. $878.99 to $898.99. Shimano XT M8100 2x12 Spd Groupset w/MICRO SPLINE 10-45T Cassette New. Rp970.000. The fourth issue of The Bikepacking Journal hit mailboxes this spring. Group set Shimano Deore M5100 11 Speed - Groupset. Here are our impressions, actual weights, and the full build kit. Simply put, bikepacking is the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping; it evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking, with the range and thrill of riding a mountain bike. The beauty of the new Shimano Deore group is that it allows you to assemble a very solid wide-range drivetrain for under $300, or a complete kit with 4-piston hydraulic brakes for just under $600. Each is available in two different crank arm lengths: 170mm and 175mm, and features new color-shift graphics that change depending on the light. Buy It Now. to support us & get The Bikepacking Journal, Offers 510% gear range in an affordable package, Shadow RD+ for positive chain retention and shift accuracy, Cranks limited to 30t or 32t chainring options, Lack of Multi-release technology in shifter, Total Build (including frame and Deore Group). THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. According to the box, these come with either resin or metal pads, and a 1000mm or 1700mm hose, depending on front or rear. New 2020 Shimano Deore XT M8100 Group Groupset 1x12-speed 30t 32t 34t 170 175mm. In addition to the premium level Deore M6100 12 speed group, Shimano is also adding 1x and 2x groups in both 10 speed and 11 speed versions. The Deore 12-speed rear derailleur is fairly impressive considering its price and place and position in the Shimano hierarchy. SALE. New SHIMANO DEORE brings even more adventure to your outdoor lifestyle with a wider range of gear choices for the steep stuff, the fast stuff and the fun. Start Here, Broadly speaking, there are three bikepacking genres to choose from – Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition & Dirt Touring. This is actually the SLX level wheelset (not Deore), but it appears that the Deore wheels are quite similar. The new Deore 12-Speed crankset is a standard two-piece 1×12 only crank specced with either 30T or 32T direct mount chainrings. There are three different versions to accommodate different chainlines: FC-M6130-1 for 157mm Super Boost Frames (56.5mm chainline), FC-6120-1 for 148mm frames (55mm chainline), and FC-6100-1 for 142/148mm frames (52mm chainline). We inspire and inform through original bikepacking routes, stories, and coverage of the gear, news, and events that make our community thrive. The answer is in the details. While the overall build may not be as refined as the SLX 12-speed derailleur—a different alloy cage, etc.—they are quite close, and this one weighs just 10 grams moret. Free returns. Click the link below to learn about each. Shimano DEORE SLX M7110 FH BH M7100 12 Speed Micro Spline Hub 32H Center Lock 142x12mm 100x15mm E-THRU Axle Bike Hub Bicycle Accessories store Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter. California Transparency in Supply Chain Act. Learn More, As important as it is to have a reliable bike and pack as light as you can, choosing the right route is perhaps the key to your enjoyment. The Deore brake levers have the same ergonomics of the higher-end models minus the dimples on the level blade used to increase grip in wet conditions. Notice that we didn’t say budget groupset either, because while the killer price for performance ratio is obviously a big drawer, it never feels like a cheap option on the bike. Find details and original photos of each of the components below, followed by our first impressions, and grids for pricing/weights. Brand New. The group will offer the same Hyperglide+ drivetrain performance, but does so with wallet friendly pricing – and likely impressive durability. Through the benefits of trickle-down technology, Shimano is introducing an entire 1 x 12 Deore group for roughly the price of an XTR XC brakeset. And, it’s worth noting that the chainring appears to have eight bolts that secure it to the spider, they’re actually more like rivets that are not meant to be removed. From China. $189.00. The Deore 12-speed cassette is 100% steel with a 7-cog pinned spider and five additional cogs with two spacer rings. It’s also nice to see Shimano include its Rapidfire Plus technology in the shifter, which allows the user to downshift as many as three gears in one push of the paddle. Shimano’s new 12-speed Deore group is 1x only. HOME View All Features. Rp6.230.000. Top Rated Plus. With the new group in hand, it only made sense to tackle a logical new build. View The Classics, The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography.Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features... Have one to share? While Deore is the lowest line in Shimano 12-speed group hierarchy, it’s certainly not cheaply made or nearly as bottom-of-the-line as many OEM specced parts. Sprocket shimano 10 speed hg500 11 36T series deore not sram ultegra. Heighten your mountain biking confidence and control with smooth riding, improved chain stability, and sharp shifting on the trail. Shimano heard you like options, so they’re bringing the full spread for the newest Deore generation. Shimano Saint/Zee– For Downhill riders, Shimano offer these two Groupsets built entirely for strength, normally around a low geared, simple 1x system that is suitable for the immense forces of Downhill riding. Importantly, none of these options require a Micro Spline freehub in spite of offering wide range 1x cassettes, making Shimano … Visit this section to learn how to choose a route, and some insight into navigation. Sure, it’s not the latest electronically shifted, space metal superbike, but it’ll get you there reliably and you’ll have money left over for that big trip you’ve been scheming. In this article we have only really covered the most common Shimano groupsets found on mechanical road and mountain bikes. For a full-suspension bike, you’d use the same process but add five links plus the quick link to compensate for chain growth under suspension travel. And it also boasts clean lines and nice aesthetics. Weight: 29.4 pounds (13.34 kg) Free shipping. Intuitive maintenance. This allows Shimano to keep the price down, but it also increases the weight of the cranks by 150g over the SLX model and 160g over XT. Free returns. 5.0 /5. After getting everything installed and tuned, we took the bike out for a quick neighborhood test ride and spent some time bedding in the brakes. The technology made its way to XT and SLX last May, so we weren’t shocked to see it trickle down even further to Deore level components this year. We installed the BL-6100/BR-M6120 combo. Free shipping. Tambah ke Wishlist. While the Deore 1×12 group is relatively inexpensive, you might be wondering why the “budget” build is more costly than most entry level rigid bikes, like many ~$1,500 complete bikes. And, they’re only available in 24-spoke, which would be a questionable choice for heavier riders or heartily packed bikepacking rigs. Medan bikemania. Unless you’re new to mountain biking, […] The Deore shifter weighs about 60 grams more than the SLX model. Buy … Likewise, the Karate Monkey is Surly’s no-nonsense steel hardtail that will take you anywhere, last forever, and also won’t break the bank. The calipers do not come with Shimano’s finned Ice-tech pads but they will work if you want/need some extra cooling power. On paper, the Deore 12-speed M6100-IR shift lever is quite similar to the higher-end SLX shifter. 2020 Shimano Deore XT M8100 Group 1X12 Speed MTB Groupset 4 Pcs 50T 52T 12sGROUP. New 2020 Shimano Deore XT M8100 Hydraulic Brake Group Groupset 12 speed 170 175. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; It offers Shimano’s Rapidfire Plus Shifting, two-way release, and is I-SPEC EV compatible for increased adjustment. Vintage Shimano Deore Mini Group First Generation Shimano Deore Retro road touring Friction 5-6 speed Made in Japan Downtube shifters Front derailleur Rear derailleur In pretty good shape. I look at that M4100 group and I think bikes for kids. Box Three Prime 9 Speed X-Wide 1x MTB Bike Groupset 11-50 Cassette Fits Shimano. New 2020 Shimano Deore XT M8100 Hydraulic Brake Group Groupset 12 speed 170 175. Deore chainring sizes are also limited to 30 and 32 toothed options. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. Brand New. And here’s perhaps the best part: All of these similarities mean that new Deore is fully cross-compatible with XTR, XT and SLX 12-speed components. The new M6100 series 12-speed chain shares similar characteristics as the SLX-level M7100 chain but without the added durability offered by SIL-TEC treatment.